Architects & Engineers Professional Liability (E&O)

Design and engineering work can often be a complicated process involving multiple parties with extremely high expectations. In an ever-evolving industry with intense scrutiny and rigid demands, design professionals are facing an increased risk of litigation.  To ensure the appropriate parties are protected, it is important to tailor coverage to adequately limit your client’s exposure to the risks related to their professional services.  Hirsch Insurance Brokerage is a specialty insurance brokerage dedicated to Professional Liability insurance for Architects and Engineers.  Our experience and knowledge will help you make an informed insurance decision and help you focus on your business.

architect professional liability insurance dallasProfessional liability insurance (E&O) is coverage that protects an architectural or engineering firm and its employees against claims alleging negligent acts, errors, or omissions in the performance of architectural and engineering services. This is different from commercial general liability, or CGL, insurance, which covers the types of accidents or property damage that could happen at any business. CGL policies are relatively standard regardless of the type of business and usually exclude professional liability claims. In contrast, professional liability policies are as specialized and diverse as the variety of professional practices that exist.  Generally, errors and omissions claims are filed against architects and engineers for various reasons such as missed deadlines, poor execution or omitting something.  The policy provides coverage for defense costs (regardless of the outcome) and indemnification if you’re found liable for damages.

Policy features and benefits we can include, but not limited to:

  • “A-“ Rated or better, admitted carrier
  • Hard to place risks available (claims history)
  • Project specific
  • Pollution coverage (including mold)
  • General Liability package for some classes
  • Personal Injury included
  • Punitive damage/most favorable jurisdiction (where insurable)
  • Independent contractor coverage
  • Duty to defend/pay on behalf of wording
  • Contractors Pollution Liability, Advertising, Personal Injury and Network Security coverage
  • Defense Costs outside the Limits option
  • First Dollar Defense option
  • ADA, FHA, OSHA legal expense and loss reimbursement
  • Worldwide coverage
  • “Soft” Hammer provision
  • Crisis Event and Peer Review expense reimbursement
  • Choice of Counsel option
  • Reduced deductible if claims are settled in mediation or with the successful use of a Limitation of Liability

Here are some examples when an Architect or Engineer may need E&O Insurance:

  • Architect completes a project to the client’s satisfaction, but later, the client sues the architect when he realizes he can’t afford to maintain the building. Client alleges that the architect should have known this and accommodated in the design.
  • A building is completed and the client holds on to the plans. Unbeknownst to you, the client later uses the same plans for a building in a totally different climate. They sue over the design when snow collapses the new building.
  • Years after construction, new owners of the building sue the architectural engineer who designed the building for what they believe are design flaws.
  • A client stops paying invoices while you’re working for her. You sue for payment, but the client’s legal team countersues, claiming defects in your work.

engineer professional E&O insurance DallasHirsch Insurance Brokerage has the knowledge, resources and industry relationships to build an insurance solution that meets the unique needs of each of our clients.  We offer our exceptional service guarantee combined with a vast selection of Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance for architects and engineers so we can meet your business needs.  Our products offer broad coverage and competitive premiums, to ensure we are staying ahead of our competition while putting our clients first.  Remember, not all E&O policies are created equal and neither are the insurance carriers.  Let our experience make the difference for your business.