Cyber Liability Insurance

Most businesses today face a threat of data breach, computer hacking, or a stolen smartphone containing sensitive information. As a business owner, it is important that you not only understand your risks, but protect your business from this threat with a cyber liability insurance policy designed to provide a combination of coverage options. Hirsch Insurance Brokerage in Houston, Texas offers a great policy to protect your business.

According to Symantec, a global leader in cyber security, business of all sizes are targets of cyber-attacks. To protect your business, we’ve partnered with highly rated insurance companies to offer state-of-the-art cyber coverages such as:

  • Network & Informational Security Liability
  • Communications & Media Liability
  • Regulatory Defense Expenses
  • Crisis Management Event Expenses
  • Security Breach Remediation & Notification Expenses
  • Computer Program & Electronic Data Restoration Expenses
  • Funds Transfer Fraud
  • E-Commerce Extortion
  • Business Interruption & Expenses

Don’t let a cyber-security attack destroy your business. Protect it with an insurance policy meant to cover liability for data breach. Contact our independent insurance agency today to discuss cyber liability insurance and to get a quote for your business.